3months for an appointment with President Sata is too much

It cannot take three months for the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba to arrange an appointment for the Constitutional Technical Committee to deliver copies of the report and draft constitution to the President, opposition Members of Parliament charged on Tuesday.

Three months for an appointment, he said, was unrealistic and few people believed it. It was clear that there was reluctance for the  Minister to hand over and the President to receive the draft constitution.

Kalomo MP Request Muntanga said three months for an appointment to see the President was unrealistic and untenable.

Zambian people, he said, did not want to be led low cows through an uncharted cattle track whose trajectory was not known. “What they want is a strategic plan which the draft will take to the time of enactment.” He said.

And Chipata Central MP Reuben Mtolo has asked why Government only wanted 10 copies of the constitution when the terms of reference provided by the same Government were that the draft would be given to the President and public simultaneously.

He also wondered why the Government was failed to provide a road map that had a time frame, “This process cannot be open ended. There must be a time frame.” He said.

Debating of the motion moved by Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo Mr. Mtolo also charged that the executive had failed the people in their inability to account for the expenditure of more than K500billion on a constitution making process that had literally stalled.

He appealed to the speaker to exercise leadership on behalf of the legislature which had the constitutional authority of overseeing the executive.

He told the speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini “You are our microphone and chief executive and must not allow the executive to go free without accounting for the expenditure spent on the constitution making process.” He said.

Zambians, he said, had waited long enough for the constitution which they hoped would be enacted under the terms of reference that had been provided to the Technical committee.

of the said it was unrealistic for the Government to suggest an open ended road map, “A road map must have a beginning and an end, not the model being proposed.” He said.