Impeachment motion supported

Opposition UPND will support the motion to impeach President Michael Sata in parliament, says the party’s Whip Garry Nkombo.

Nkombo said that the impeachment of President Sata was one of the options the party was considering to undertake.

In an interview yesterday, Nkombo who is  Mazabuka member of parliament, said that his party was concerned about the continued constitutional lapses President Sata had exhibited in the manner he was breaking and breaching the constitution.

Nkombo said this after MMD vice president Michael Kaingu indicated that his party was considering moving a motion to impeach President Sata for various constitution breaches.

Nkombo said that observations made by Dr. Kaingu and former Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima were cardinal to the governance of the country.

He said that it was however sad that President Sata since getting into power, he has committed  many constitutional breaches, leaving people to wonder whether leaders had respect for the constitution.

Nkombo said that the impeachment of President Sata was the only way to correct the current raping of the constitution by those in authority.

He said that it was visible that without any sense of shame President Sata had breached the constitution of Zambia on many occasions and the country could no longer trust him to uphold and protect the constitution he was sown to defend.

Nkombo said that it was only fair that well meaning Zambians support the impeachment process of President Sata in order to restore order and sanity in the governance of the country.

“We are happy that this (impeachment) issue has come this time around when the PF leadership particularly President Sata had breached many constitution articles. And we shall support it,” he said.Nkombo said that the constitutional breach undertaken by President Sata was worrying and individuals and political parties calling for the impeachment of the Head of State were in order to protect further breaches of the law.“We are studying this matter of impeaching President Sata as a party on grounds of breach of the constitution. This is a serious matter and it needs focus. We have assigned a team of researchers at our office among them lawyers to come up with the breaches President Sata has done.

“ We know the most recent and fresh one is the one he directed Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo to cancel all the 19 hunting concessions and fire directors at ZAWA. This is a constitution breach and a matter we can use to impeach Mr. Sata on,” said Nkombo.