Scott attacks impeachment

Vice President Dr. Guy Scott has attacked opposition Members of Parliament’s intention to move on impeachment motion.

Dr. Scott warned that the PF had a majority in parliament and any attempt to bring to parliament a motion to impeach President Michael Sata would not work.

He said that the PF was now in a stronger position to deliver a constitution it wanted using numbers in parliament.

“This is what we wanted, to have more numbers in parliament and if we want we can enact a constitution we want for the people. And if you bring an impeachment motion to parliament we will throw it out because we have the numbers now.”

He said the PF government could use its newly acquired numbers in Parliament to amend the Constitution.

And UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has revealed that there is a cartel which is going round the country misleading some traditional leaders on issues of land.

“Our traditional leaders have been made to understand that land has never been vested in the President. The current constitution Mr. Speaker vests all land in the President.   Mr. Speaker, there are some people who want to derail the Constitution making process which leads to the roadmap and the road map leads to the enactment of the new constitution,” said Mwiimbu.

He said what was obtaining currently pertaining to the ongoing constitutional making process debate was very unfortunate.

He said that the issue reminded him of the third term debate where individuals were being used to champion a cause which they did not believe in or did not know where it was leading them to.

Mwiimbu said that there was an orchestrated campaign to discredit the constitution making process in the country.

“And what I am saying is that there is a cartel in this country that has gone round the country influencing some traditional leaders to rise against this constitution making process, so that the people don’t have a new constitution by misleading our traditional leaders that there has never been a clause in the constitution that vest land in the President,” he said.

Mwiimbu explained that Zambians must know that the current constitution vested all land in the President and not individuals.

He said that the issue being raised by some chiefs rounded up by a cartel was non issue, adding that the truth and fact did not tally to what was being said.


“The truth of the matter is that the current constitution vested all land in the President and the draft constitution still vest land in the President. So the issues which are being raised by our traditional leaders are non issues  and should not be seen to be derailing the constitutional roadmap which we want to achieve,” said Mwiimbu.