Scott instrument of oppression-Changala

Vice President Dr Guy Scott has turned himself into an instrument of hate speech, vengeance and retribution against the people he is purporting to help President Michael Sata, says  civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

Changala said he was disappointed that Dr Scott had turned into symbol of intolerance in a country that had warmly accepted him as Zambian and a leader in the PF government.

He said Dr Scott was expected to have taken the role of a moderator in the PF government to maintain soberness and governance decorum but he was disappointed that the Vice-President had opted to adopt the role of a perpetrator of oppression and bad governance.

He told the Daily Nation that Zambians must strongly reject and oppose the erratic and oppressive traits that have fully manifested in Dr Scott and the entire PF government adding the United States of America (USA) through its 2013 Human Rights Report has been unambiguous in stating the deteriorating human rights situation in the country.

Changala said Dr Scott’s mind had been poisoned by his appetite to see the PF remain in power in perpetuity, a desire he described as extremely dangerous for a country that had seen smooth transition of power from one government to another in the last 25 years.

He said Dr Scott had lost respect for Zambians and that the only people he had regard for was President Sata and the PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba who is Justice Minister.

“Sometimes I wonder where this Scottish national gets this arrogance from to underrate and demean Zambians with a tongue in the cheek . If you remember, the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amini had one such a character called Bob Isles who  was a principal advisor to this Africa’s brutal dictator.   Zambians must guard their democracy and at no time must we allow a few selfish individuals to take away our rights as we fold our arms,” Changala said.

He said Zambia has experienced the worst forms of governance since independence adding that even when it was clear that things were getting worse socially, economically and politically, a clique of few individuals who had no respect for the rule of law had continued lining up people with weak souls and unquestionable character to sing praises for them and their tandem of plunderers.

He said Dr Scott had become a disgrace to have elected to throw away his moral conscience and decide to be the promoter of oppression and dictatorship in a country that had been a beacon and pace-setter in democratization.

Changala said the PF had become unpopular because of people like Dr Scott and his boss Kabimba who have cultivated the highest levels of arrogance that was annoying citizens.

“Zambians must listen how demeaning and disparaging Dr Scott addresses Zambians and our national issues. And I know for those who listen to him, they certainly get piqued by the way he talks about Zambians. He is the last person I thought would lower himself to a level of being a mindless cadre,” Changala said.