Zambia should form all- inclusive coalition govt-APC

Zambia should form an all-inclusive grand coalition government that will deal with issues rekindling constant partisan interests, says All Peoples Congress (APC) party leader Nason Msoni.

Msoni said time was now ripe for political leaders and all visible stakeholders to engage in serious and meaningful political discussion concerning the future of Zambia.

He said a coalition government was the only alternative for the people of Zambia since the current regime had miserably and lamentably failed them.

The PF government’s poor governance record on human rights remained appallingly high and unacceptable as evidenced by the recently released US state department report.

He said the alternative form of government envisaged should be one that would be broadly inclusive without any form of deception and would represent the character of the people.

The opposition leader said the other reason for the coalition government was the continued inducement of unnecessary by-elections in areas where the PF lost in the 2011 Presidential and Parliamentary elections thereby causing a crisis by denying the electorates the legitimate representation of Members of Parliament.

He said that the number of nullified parliamentary seats may have directly invalidated the much acclaimed mandate arising out of the free and fair elections which were held in 2011 where the PF formed government by deception.

“We also think that the current party in government should be part and parcel of the proposed political transition of the broad coalition government to be formed at the earliest opportunity with the support and encouragement of the international community.

“The current mandate of the party in government should be used as the transition period of the grand coalition. The aim of the proposed grand coalition government is not to usurp power but rather it is the appropriate timely collective intervention of all legitimate stakeholders aimed at reforming non-performing organs of the state devoid of any partisan interests,” he said.

Msoni indicated that the grand coalition will prepare a level playing field for holding a credible and democratic election in 2016.

Msoni said this coalition should be a real power-sharing deal which should be financially supported and endorsed by the representatives of the international community.