Zambians should call for early elections-ZDDM

The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has called on Zambians to call for the early elections to save Zambia from total collapse.

ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala said that it was because of  the opposition’s failure to have a proper and strong unity of purpose that ZDDM was launching the call for early elections.

He said the unity of purpose that the UPND and MMD MPs showed in parliament over the constitution was encouraging and believed there was a lot more that needed to be done in order to save the country from the path of self destruction.

Sakala accused government for having created a grand scheme of delaying the constitution making process by stage managing a hand over of the document and the President announcing the appointment of a team to go round the country again for further consultations.

He alleged that Zambia was controlled by a powerful cartel that had wished to manipulate the constitution to suit their wishes.

He said that the fact that PF MPs could  vote against the logical wish and demand for a roadmap of the Zambian people confirmed President Sata’s recent remarks that his MPs were useless.

“And as opposition parties we cannot sit and watch this cartel continue to destroy the future of Zambia through the Patriotic Front and its useless MPs while we are preoccupied with merely

getting into power and failing to work together to defend national interests.”

Sakala reiterated that the constitution was the only document which could help restore justice and the country’s stability, and therefore it was the more reason why early elections would work for the sake of Zambians.