Arrest PF cadres in military uniform says Cosmo

Opposition political parties have urged police to arrest Patriotic Front cadres for wearing military regalia during the Youth Day celebrations.

Condemning the action National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba wondered why police did not arrest the cadres for breaking the law.

He said that the action by PF cadres bordered on criminality.

Mumba said that the PF youths should be condemned and that the law should be applied to everyone equally.

He said that it was sad that Police was playing double standard in the manner they were applying the law.

“They should have done a good job if they arrested the PF cadres rather than arresting Action Aid youths who did not commit any crime apart from wearing T-shirt with messages demanding the release of the draft constitution,” said Mumba.

He said the PF government should tame its unruly cadres who have over the years been creating a violent atmosphere causing a lot of tension in the country.

“Such acts must not be tolerated and PF cadres should not take the law for granted. The PF national youth chairperson who is Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili should put his house in order,” Mumba said.

And Forum for Democratic Alternative party Secretary General Kamanga said the action by the PF cadres showed how unruly the party and government was, stating that the ruling party had been promoting impunity by deliberately failing to discipline its cadres.

Kamanga said the PF cadres should understand that no one was above the law, adding that all citizens were equal before the law.

He said the PF government should stop promoting illegality through its cadres by ensuring that the law was followed.

New government spokesperson Dr Joseph Katema could not be reached for a comment by press time.

Meanwhile, UPND national youth Chairman Likando Mufalali has demanded for the arrest of the PF cadres.

He said the PF should be held accountable for allowing high levels of misconducts from party cadres.

“The PF could have not tolerated such misconduct if it was youths from the opposition political parties wearing half military uniform. They could have instructed their police to arrest them just there and then. The PF should know that the defence Act is clear on who is supposed to wear the uniform but it is sad that the police could not do anything about it because it seems the police have turned into PF,” Mufalali said.

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  1. Can the IG enlighten the nation why then the PF cadres were not arrested? Maybe the question can be raised when parliament resumes sitting.

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