Kansembe reveals media plot propaganda


“I have never been disloyal to President Michael Sata. My dismissal from government was orchestrated because of my relationship to former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba,” former deputy Minister of Home Affairs Alfredah Kansembe has disclosed.

Kansembe has denied allegations that she was disloyal to the Patriotic Front (PF) and has accused a named newspaper had orchestrated schemes and a malicious campaign to houd her and Mwamba popularly known as GBM out of the ruling party.

Kansembe has described assertions that she has been disloyal to President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) as a media smear campaign by a newspaper aligned to the ruling party.

She said she was aware that a named newspaper had hatched schemes to hound her out of the PF because she was related to former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Kansembe has denied assertions that she was disloyal to the party charging that she had never thought of turning against the party for which she had worked so hard over the years.

She said soon after Mwamba resigned from government, some newspaper quickly jumped on the occasion and linked her to the Kasama Member of Parliament’s resignation.

Kansembe said it was not surprising that a named newspaper was accusing her of being disloyal to the party because the owner of the Newspaper was driving an agenda against selected members of the ruling party.

“At no time have I ever been disloyal to the President and the PF and those allegations from some newspapers are just propaganda to turn me against the party. The owners of the newspaper are driving their own agenda against selected members of the party and it is not surprising that they want President Sata believe that we have turned against him. Ask them why they want me to be seen as an enemy of my own party because they have their reasons for embarking on such a malicious campaign against me,” Kansembe said.

Kansembe said she was reflecting on her dismissal from government and that she would soon make a comprehensive statement over the mater. Asked how she was feeling after she was fired by President Sata, Kansembe responded: “How would you feel if you were fired. Anyway, I do not want to make any comments now because I am reflecting on my situation and will soon make a comprehensive statement.”