MMD refutes Nevers hefty perks

The MMD has refuted claims that its party leader Nevers Mumba is paid K62, 600 monthly for personal expenditure.

Acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu said this during a briefing at the party’s secretariat that Mumba has never been paid a salary since he took over as party leader and that reports that Mumba was getting a salary from the party were unfounded

Nyangu said that it was just a suggestion to the party to pay its leader if they party was in good   financial standing..

He said it was a pity that some party members had been denting the image of the former ruling party when they knew exactly what was going on in the party.

Nyangu said it was unfair that some Members of Parliament could threaten to withdraw their monthly contributions to the party because this was an agreement with the party and not individuals.

“As a party we have not paid Dr Mumba anything. Not even a single ngwee as salary to him. This K62.600 that is being talked about was a mere suggestion that if we have money we can pay him that much but the party has no money and why are they telling lies?” he said.

He explained that the K2, 500 that was paid by the MPs to the party was for the running of the secretariat and not for the party leader. Nyangu also said the party would be electing a new national secretary in 21 days to fill the vacancy and five other positions in the National Executive Committee (NEC) and that it had also constituted a disciplinary committee that would look at all pending disciplinary issues in the party.