PF will pay for cheating Zambians-Fr Chiti



It has become evidently clear that enacting a new constitution is not priority for the Patriotic Front (PF) government, says Jesuit Centre for Theological Development national coordinator Father Leonard Chiti.

Fr Chiti said comments made by Vice-President Guy Scott clearly exposed the PF position on giving Zambians a new constitution as promised in the run up to the election of 2011.

He said it was clear that a lot of things promised by the PF while in opposition were but empty promises including the delivering of a new constitution despite the colossal amounts of money spent on the process.

“It is now very clear that assumptions made by the people after the inauguration of the PF into government were actually true that they were not ready to govern. They had no team in place to manage government affairs and that they had no priority list of action after taking over power,”Fr Chiti said.

He explained that the PF have been operating without a defined roadmap of attaining national objectives other than the already prescribed programme left by the MMD. the former ruling party.

He said this was evident from the disparities in the statements made by the various cabinet ministers on stating the official position.

“The Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has made a statement on the constitution, and the Vice-President has given a different statement on the same constitution. And this time last year, Dr Scott is on record stating that by June 2013, Parliament should have received the Freedom of Information Bill.

And with regard to the Constitution Dr Scott told Parliament that it would be ready by January 31, 2013. How can Zambians even begin to have confidence in such leadership when the same Vice-President now tells the nation that the draft will be ready in a few weeks?” Fr Chiti has questioned.

Recently, the three Church mother bodies, civil society organisations (CSOs), various students’ bodies, the labour movement and several opposition political parties declared after the motion in Parliament to compel government to indicate a clear road map failed, that they would peacefully but forcefully persuade the PF government to deliver the new constitution to the Zambian people.