President Sata’s son, Kazimu reported to police for assault

President Michael Sata’s son Kazimu Sata has been reported to Kabwata police by freelance journalist Thomas Zgambo for assault and a docket has since been opened against him.

Kazim last weekend violently and physically attacked Zgambo at a social spot in Kabwata, an incident that shocked many on-lookers.

According to a medical report dated 13th March 2014 obtained by the Daily Nation, Zgambo, who is currently in court on trumped up charges, sustained injuries on his ribs after he was beaten by Kazimu for unknown reasons.

The medical report signed by Dr Prince Kanyio reveals that Zgambo had his left ribs bruised apart from the soft tissue rupture he sustained after he was physically assaulted by Kazimu who recently got married.

The medical report reads in part: “Thomas Zgambo sustained pains on the left ribs after being beaten by the person he can identify if seen. His ribs are bruised on the left side and have soft tissue.”

Zgambo confirmed having reported Kazimu to Kabwata police and said he did not understand why the President’s son Sata attacked him on the material day.

Zgambo said while he was reluctant to report Kazimu to police, he had been forced by  the unrepentant and unremorseful behavior by Kazimu whom he said he had given seven days in which to discuss the matter without involving the police.

Zgambo said he was shocked that President Sata’s son could publicly engage in physical confrontations with people who did not provoke him adding that he had restrained himself from retaliating because of the respect he had for the Head of State.“Kazimu Sata was unprovoked and he was with friends in a Pajero and soon after seeing me, he quickly jumped off the vehicle and came to me and started throwing punches below my diaphragm and ribs while shouting obscenities.

“I struggled to defend myself and restrained to fight back because of the respect I have for the President. So I have decided to report him to Kabwata police because I thought he was going to find time to see me but it appears the law has to help me to find out why he violently attacked me,” Zgambo said.