Cease fire, says Nevers

MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba has called for a cease fire among his party his officials as the country draws near to the 2016 general elections.

Mumba has ordered that the infighting among MMD officials should come to an end forthwith because the party has mechanisms which could be used to resolve any differences.

And Dr. Mumba has revealed that State House is scheming to destroy the MMD by sponsoring functionaries to fight the party leadership.

“I have noticed even today that some of our leaders are at each other’s throats. I demand that you all stop it from this moment. MMD was not formed to be used as a boxing platform for members but as a vehicle of freedom and hope for many Zambians. We should not succumb to the plan of our enemy. We must fight for the defense of democracy,” said Dr. Mumba.

He said that Zambians were able to see the schemes from the statements the PF leadership was issuing against the former ruling party.

“The meetings which have taken place at State House to craft a plan to derail MMD are known to us. The statements and individuals to give them have all been lined up. The government controlled media has also been ordered to give the perceived division maximum coverage. I wish to declare that this is a battle between good and evil. I firmly believe that this battle is already won. God will not subject the many innocent, hardworking members of MMD to endless pain caused by a ruthless opponent,” Dr. Mumba declared.

He said that there was information about huge sums of money given by State House to some media organizations, individuals and politicians to accomplish the project by finish the MMD.

He called on the members to stop using the media to resolve their differences as MMD has several inbuilt mechanisms by which it could resolve its differences.Meanwhile Dr Mumba has said that former Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya was a committed member.

“Dora is mine, she is also special to me in terms of her commitment to the party. She is ours and I am not going to comment about what you are asking. And let me caution our members that those who are against the party leadership stand to lose out.”Addressing the media at the party secretariat yesterday, Dr. Mumba said that party officials should be aware that as the country was nearing to the 2016 general elections, distractive activities meant to divert the attention of Zambians will be part of the scheme.

Dr. Mumba said that MMD refused to be blamed over the mistakes the PF government and its leadership were committing every day, adding that it was not the MMD in the dock but the PF and therefore, its leaders should own-up and account to the people of Zambia.

And an MMD faction against party president has supported calls to hound Dr. Mumba out of the party.

Group Spokesperson Bernard Mpundu claimed that Dr. Mumba had failed to put the party together and it was only right that he steps down.

Meanwhile, Opposition MMD is to hold elections soon to fill elective positions that have fallen vacant in the National Executive Committee (NEC), says acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu.

Nyangu said applicants must be the fully paid up members of the party and conversant with neo-liberal policies. Members were free to nominate preferred members with consent of the nominees concerned.

“The elections will take place after 21 working days commencing on, March 17 , and NEC members will elect the candidates to fill the casual vacancies,” he said.

Nyangu said that applications must reach the secretariat within 14 days working days from the date of the circular.The vacant positions are national secretary, health, labour and social development, lands and natural resources, local government, mining, transport and communications.

The party has requested interested members to apply for nomination to stand on any of the positions for election at the next NEC meeting.