EDF wants PF banned in Eastern Province

The Eastern Development Foundation  (EDF) yesterday fired a broadside at the PF over delays to hold by elections in five constituencies in Eastern Province which has  consequently stalled development due to lack of representation.

EDF chairperson Kelvin Chulu immediately appealed to Easterners to completely do away with PF because it has no interest in developing the region.

“PF has no development plans for Eastern Province. Why should we support PF when  they are not giving us development? It is time for Easterners to look for an alliance elsewhere to support their development efforts,” said Chulu.

He said according to law, by elections in affected areas of Petauke Central, Malambo, Vubwi, Kasenengwa and Mfuwe should have been held within 90 days, but the issue was now dragging into years.

“This is wrong and worrying and is due to PF bad behaviour. This has happened because of greed, selfishness and bad governance of the PF government. We tried to look to the judiciary for redress but unfortunately it is manipulated, and cannot give us any shelter,” he said.

He appealed to all Easterners to abandon PF all together because it will never bring any meaningful development to the region.

Chulu cited the newly created Muchinga Province where the President hails from, which he said boasted of two universities when Eastern Province had none.

“Muchinga has received massive development support more than all provinces put together. Muchinga currently has the biggest central hospital when PF has failed to upgrade district hospitals in Eastern Province,” said Chulu.

He said because of poor governance, agriculture in the region had died, citing late delivery of farming inputs that in some cases expired fertilizer was distributed to unsuspecting farmers.

He  said that since it was not clear when by elections would be held in the affected areas, it was important for the region to look elsewhere for economic support.

“We should do away with PF. Eastern Province should be a no go area for the ruling party because it is retarding development which is supposed to help reduce high levels of poverty among our people in Eastern Province” he said.

He said the loss of the MPs through selfish schemes by the PF was deeply regretted as it has considerably affected the development of the region.