Political, economic disasters looming says Chipimo

It is time for all Zambians to  stand  up and fight the looming political and economic disasters which President Sata and PF are bringing on the nation, says  National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo.

Chipimo said time has come for Zambians to tell President Sata and his government that they should slow down and listen to the cries of the people.

He said Zambians should not behave like scavengers waiting to take advantage of an accident scene to pickpocket the victims and steal what they could.

“Let us become constructive and proactive-seeking a common solution to prevent a disaster we can all see unfolding before our very eyes,” he said

Addressing a press conference in Lusaka yesterday Chipimo said in Zambia today democratic rights and freedoms were being violated on a daily basis while demands for a people driven constitution were being ridiculed and brutally suppressed.

“Chiefs are being routinely insulted and their traditional authority undermined. Corruption is rife, perhaps more so than ever before; the kwacha is falling through the floorboards making the dollar that we depend on for our imports more expensive and therefore threatening the already highly stressed lives of the poor and vulnerable,” he said.

On  the constitution Chipimo said at the present moment Zambia had neither a good constitution nor good leadership and chances of either of these situations changing before 2016 remained very slim unless Zambians rose up with one voice to demand what was promised to them.

He said the reality of the situation was that the PF had no intention whatsoever of giving Zambians a new constitution before 2016, adding that  they would only do so if they significantly watered down some of  the provisions such as 50% plus 1 threshold for the presidential victor.

On the Kwacha Chipimo said the rate at which the kwacha was depreciating against major world currencies was both shocking and worrying and that it was only a matter of time when Zambians will see increases in fuel prices, transport charges, commodities and food stuffs and basic services.

He said however that in the midst of all chaotic developments, the nation should maintain a firm belief that things could and will get better but only if collectively, the people in their hearts determine to build a better Zambia together.

On the jubilee Chipimo said; “As NAREP we believe that Jubilee is not a time to celebrate but a time to reflect on what is best about Zambia and how the nation can harness this for the good of all not just for the privileged few,

“We therefore call on the church mother bodies to use this opportunity to guide our nation towards more inclusive and less acrimonious politics,” he said

On the chiefs Chipimo said it was time government backed down from its confrontation with the chiefs, particularly its standoff with the Bemba Royal Establishment.

“Let me finally state that whether we pretend to be unaware of the situation or not, deep down in our heart as a nation we know that we are driving too fast on the wrong course. It is time we all rose to tell the driver and his passengers to slow down and listen to the people,” he said