Scott annoys APC

Vice President Guy Scott has come under fierce attack from opposition All People’s Congress (APC) over the stalled constitutional making process.

APC leader Nason Msoni said the behaviour of Scott over the matter was treacherous and unfortunate.

Msoni said it was evident by Scott’s unguided outbursts that he was part of the problem rather than the solution, to polarizing and backtracking government position on the constitution making process.

Msoni said Scott was not doing enough to support the wishes of the people he was representing even in his constituency and that his assertions on national television (ZNBC) interview was beyond belief and annoying.

He said the vice president should apologize to the Zambian people and resign for failure to support what he and his party promised to Zambians.

“It is abundantly clear that the vice president lacks respect for the very people who gave him the rare honour and privilege and chance and the trust to occupy the 2nd topmost position in the land.

“It is indeed shameful that a man who ought to understand better the importance of having a responsive and durable document should play the role of the killer-whale on the draft constitution document,” he said.

Msoni said the position taken by the vice president was regrettable and unfortunate because he had failed to defend the cause and that going by his behaviour there was nothing that could compensate Zambians for this treacherous conduct than his immediate resignation or dismissal.

Msoni said PF hypocrisy on the constitution making process was exposed by the shooting-down of the private members motion in parliament that had sought to compel the executive to provide a road-map on the constitutional making process.

“We think it is now useless for PF leaders to keep parroting and pointing to a mystic non-existent road map on the constitutional making process. Lately after defeating the progressive motion in parliament PF leaders have shamelessly engaged themselves into groundless speculations and shameless assertions of referring to a road-map which is non-existent and which clearly the Zambian public can’t see.

He said the greatest fear was that the PF government had the intention to manipulating the 2016 elections in their own favor by taking advantage of the subsisting flawed and porous constitution to cheat their way back into government.  The opposition leader said an electoral tsunami was certainly brewing and waiting to sweep away the President, his vice and the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba for failure to give the Zambian people a constitution that was promised to them.