Cadre killed in land war


One cadre was shot dead and two police officers suffered serious injuries following a clash over a land wrangle in Lusaka West.

Lusaka Police were responding to  plaintive cries for assistance by farmers raided by Patriotic Front cadres who were demarcating land and burning the  ripening maize fields belonging to farmers who had refused to acquiesce to land grabbing by the cadres.

The cadres who were armed with machetes and shovels attempted to intimidate and beat back the police officers when the confrontation occurred.

A farmer told the Daily Nation that it was very sad that the rule of law had virtually b broken down in the country as the cadres believed that they were above the law and could take over titled land without being challenged by the law including police officers on whom they had poured scorn.

However the determined police proceeded to confront the cadres and fire live ammunition to dislodge them from the land they were invading. By late in the evening yesterday the police who were injured in the fracas were still receiving treatment at the University Teaching Hospital.

Lusaka has been a hot spot of land wrangles with former Minister of Lands Harry Kalaba vowing that the Government wopuld not give in to land invaders who were acting in the name of the ruling party.


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