Police IG Libongani must go

Zambia Police Inspector General Stella Libongani has failed to inculcate a sense of professionalism in the police service and asked to resign.

Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali said time has come for Libongani to go so that she can be replaced by a more proactive head of command who would not allow political interference in police operations.


“Libongani must go because she has failed to inculcate authority in the police command by allowing political influence to interfere in police operations. She must be replaced by a more proactive head of command,”


“This is what we have been talking about in Ms Libongani’s command at the Police Service,” he said


Tayali said there many things that needed her authority in the service, but that her inability to instill sense professionalism makes it seem like the service was being influenced by the Patriotic Front party.


He explained that police statement that there was nothing wrong with civilians wearing replica military fatigue was a careless testimony against national security.


He said the fact that some people have been found with original military uniform meant there was a serious abrogation of the country’s security and the police should be on top of things.


“Military uniform is not like a football team replica jersey which anybody can wear; these are outfits that command authority and respect on sight.


“We do not ask for identity cards from the police, army or the air force, but just looking at the uniform we know who they are, and there is no way people can be allowed to wear military-like outfits and be left scot free,” he said.


Tayali was speaking in relation to reports that two people were arrested for possessing ZAF military uniforms.


Tayali said this only compromised the police efforts in trying to bring down crime levels in the country because anything military commanded respect, and it was possible to be used in intimidating innocent members of the public.


But Kajoba said they were not concerned about replica uniforms, but were more concerned with members of the public wearing actual military clothing and not the replica attires that resembled military gear.


“Our concern is about people wearing the actual military uniforms, otherwise we have no problems with people wearing the replica gears,” Kajoba said.


But media reports have revealed that the Air Force was concerned with the use of replica military fatigue which could be used in criminal activities.


PF cadres were spotted in military fatigue at the 2014 Youth Day including red berets which were synonymous with Zambia Army uniform.  “It seems they only target UPND as most of their activities are related to the opposition party, just look at the Livingston incident, Katuba by-elections, the Chipata shooting or last week’s incidence involving Hakainde Hichilema in Chipata. “The IG should have released a statement on the happenings in Chipata, but instead all we hear is that HH was escorted out of Eastern Province without an explanation from the Police Command,


“It’s like the Police are working on their own, without a high command.  She only makes news in absence, as though she does not exist,” he said.


He said in fact, Libongani should advise the ruling party against it’s members wearing military-like outfits because of the criminality which could threaten  national security.


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  1. Libongani is serving the uncle as in family ties not as IG serving interests of the nation in support of president and governance

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