Scott given 7 days ultimatum

Vice President Guy Scott has been given a seven day ultimatum to resign from his position for having lied before the Judge Rhoyda Kaoma Tribunal that it was government’s position to dissolve the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board and cancel its 19 Safari hunting concession tender.

Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has observed that Dr Scott could also have lied for testifying that the dismissal of former ZAWA director general Edwin Matokwani along with his subordinate directors by former Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo had the blessings of President Michael Sata.

Changala has since given Scott a seven-day ultimatum to own up, failure to which he (Changala) would be forced to write to Acting Chief Justice to set up a tribunal to investigate the Vice President’s alleged misconduct.

Changala said that it was shocking that Dr. Scott lied on oath during the tribunal that the action taken by dismissed Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo to sack the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) directors was government position.

“I have given Dr. Scott seven days ultimatum to resign or be fired for lying under oath during the Masebo tribunal. If he is not going to do it alone, then I will be left with no option but to write  to acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to set up another tribunal to investigate him for misconduct and lying on oath,” Changala said.

“There is too much deceit in the PF government and we shall not allow this to continue. If Scott in his capacity as Vice President can lie on oath then what kind of a government do we have in place?

“Scott must resign before he is fired and if he fails, then we shall go for a tribunal to expose his insincerity in the manner he is conducting government business,” warned Changala. Changala said the uncalled for behaviour exhibited by the Vice President should not be allowed to continue unchecked  as it had the capacity to destroy the governance system of the nation.

He said now was the time for Zambians to correct the misconduct, insincerity and  the dishonest Dr. Scott has been exhibiting in government.

Changala wondered which cabinet or government directed Masebo to dismiss the workers and cancel the 19 hunting concessions when President Sata had distanced himself from the allegations.

He said that Dr. Scott should have known that government was incomplete without the President, adding that since President Sata had disassociated himself from the ZAWA scandal and denied having directed Masebo to fire its directors, it was only fair that meaningful measures were taken against Dr. Scott.