Stop hostilities, MMD told

The MMD on the Copperbelt has called for an end to all the hostilities within the party by saying that they were not helping the party in any way.

And the party has advised its leader Nevers Mumba to accommodate divergent views from the membership.

Publicity secretary for the Copperbelt Yotam Mtayachalo said leadership in the party should promote the spirit of reconciliation by working together and promoting unity in the party.

Mtayachalo warned that party members should be careful on how they presented issues concerning the party to the media when they were organs within the party that could deal with such issues.

He said this would give opponents an opportunity to destroy the party even more and advised the members to learn to resolve their differences in a mature manner.

“The differences going on in the party are normal because the MMD is a democratic party however, these differences should not threaten the unity and existence of the party which has been in government for 20 years. Let us not kill this party through internal differences.

“Instead of promoting division the MMD, the leadership should be role models that are expected to advise other political parties on how best they contribute to the development of this country. As a party on the Copperbelt we feel what is happening is retrogressive because the party is supposed to prepare for 2016 general elections,” he said.The opposition leader said the MMD as a party had a constitution that should be followed to deal with issues that members are complaining about.

Mtayachalo the party members disparaging each other were setting a very bad precedence as they have failed to promote intra party democracy.He said that in as much as members were free to talk about issues affecting the party, they should not go over board because no member can bring the party to its knees.

He said MMD was bigger than individuals that over rate themselves just because they want to comment on anything.Mtaychalo said that it was very unfortunate that the current leadership had allowed lawlessness among members that were attacking senior party members just because they were close to the party leader.He said Mumba should realise that the same party members were not helping him to and they need to be disciplined without favour.He advised Mumba to embrace all party members and promote unity in the party if the party was to achieve better in 2016.