Grand Coalition to step up constitution campaigns

The Grand Coalition campaign for a people driven constitution has resolved to take its campaigns to a higher level and will not rest until the government releases the second draft of the constitution.

The grand coalition has further appealed for the publication of a road map leading to the adoption of the draft  constitution through a referendum.

At a meeting in Lusaka yesterday coalition chairperson Fr. Leonard Chiti said the road map should be protected by an Act of Parliament.

“We are not moved by the government’s ongoing attempts to frustrate and discredit our campaign through intimidation and blackmail,” Fr Chiti said.

Fr. Chiti said the coalition will also establish two structures which will strengthen the campaign and will include the technical working group which would serve as tank for the group.

The grand coalition has also resolved that their steering committee will comprise Fr. Chiti as chairperson, Beatrice Grillio as vice chair and McDonald Chipenzi as its spokesperson.

Fr. Chiti disclosed that the coalition has also resolved to galvanise the  potential of the two structures in advocating for the delivery of the people driven constitution for Zambians.

And according to the guidelines and operations of the coalition under the new structure, the use of church grounds has been necessitated by the refusal of the police to allow citizens use open spaces within the country.

It was this reason that prompted the grand coalition to exploit section 8 of the public order Act which exempts churches from getting permission to hold religious meetings.

The grand coalition comprises more than 300 organisations including CSOs, Youth movements, women’s movement, labour movement , the church and other stakeholders working together in the campaign for a people driven constitution.

Fr. Chiti explained that the Grand coalition was concerned about the Patriotic Front (PF) government’s continued delaying tactics and the apparent lack of willingness to deliver a people-driven constitution to Zambians.