Kuomboka to go ahead

The death of the Litunga’s wife, Queen Mooyo Imwambo, cannot force the cancellation of this year’s Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozis and the Barotse Royal Establishment has been asked to set a  date for the event.

A senior citizen from the royal family, Mubita Nawa said that the ceremony must take place because according to Lozi tradition, the King (Litunga) has no funeral leave at all.

He said that the Kuomboka could not be cancelled because of the death of Queen Mooyo Imwambo who died two weeks ago.

“According to the Lozi tradition, the Kuomboka must take place no matter what happens,  as for now our Litunga has no funeral, (Ilili mufu) and  he needs to move his people from the flooding plains,” he said.

He called on the BRE to quickly announce the date so that the people, including international visitors were given ample time to prepare for the colourful event.

“We have got a lot of things that should be moved from the plains to our dry villages, and this is a well known procedure by everyone,” he said.

And BRE said that the public would be informed on the way forward after the Kuta sits down to discuss it.

BRE representative Induna Inete said that the Kuta was yet to sit down and the public would be informed although people were still mourning the Queen.

“We have to sit down as the Kuta and later inform the people on the way forward. We cannot combine two things at once, as we are still receiving people who are mourning with us,” he said.

He said that the people were still building houses at the village (Mafulo) where the queen was put to rest.

The Queen was put to rest at Mutwiwambwa near her home village in Sefula.

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  1. Kaongolo ka Nyambe ke ka siyamelwa, apuu! Ni utwa kuli kwa lapa kafoo ke ku pundumuka tsunami, tusizana kaufela mihata sei felezi mwa mbyumbyulu tu bata ku yola Imushotoki Imwambo.

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