Saunders castigates MMD big wigs

Opposition MMD should stop using the media as a platform to resolve differences in the party, says political activist Dante Saunders.

Saunders said it was embarrassing for the opposition party to resort to using the media to resolve its differences, which was not a good way to go.

He said that MMD might have  challenges, but that should not make them wash dirty linen in public.

Saunders explained that it was up to the party leadership to find lasting solutions to keep the MMD legacy alive as allowing differences to kill the party would not be in the best interest of Zambians.

He said that the MMD would be totally irrelevant if its leadership continued to exchange insults in the press instead of finding a lasting solution to the situation.

Saunders said that Zambians could not afford to lose the former ruling party, because it understood the principles of governance.

Saunders said that the widening cracks in the MMD were caused by its members and yet  they had the option to dialogue.

“It is unfortunate that each one wanted to be heard, and thus resorting to use the media, which is not helping anyone. It is sad to see the brilliant party going into oblivion, and the people out there are celebrating over these differences, which is not good,” he said.

Saunders said that the infighting among MMD officials should come to an end forthwith because the party has mechanisms which could be used to resolve any differences.

And MMD Copperbelt publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo said that the opposition MMD was an open party that embraced many ideas from stakeholders and managed to rule the country for 20 years and there was therefore no reason why the party should divide.

He condemned the squabbles in the party, which he said be could resolve amicably without engaging the media.

Mtayachalo stated that the leaders must unite and stop finger pointing one another so that they provide good leadership.

He said that people of Zambia were still looking forward to the growth of the MMD because it was the party that ruled the country diligently.

“If MMD was not a party for the people, it couldn’t have been in power for so many years, but because we believed in democracy and freedom of expression, the people of Zambia gave us an opportunity to do so,” he said.

He called on the party members to safeguard the interests of the Zambian people by maintaining peace in the party.

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