Scott has to quit, says Syakalima

The seven day ultimatum given to Vice President Guy Scott by civil rights activist Brebner Changala to resign for lying on oath is long overdue, says former UPND Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima.

Syakalima said that it was strange that Scott could breach the code of conduct and lie on oath during a legally constituted to probe Masebo over alleged corrupt activity at ZAWA in order to save his personal interests in the former Tourism minister’s illegalities

He said that the decision by  Scott to lie on oath during the tribunal was a serious offence and breach of the constitution over which President Michael Sata should evoke his powers and dismiss the Vice President for putting the name of government into disrepute and contempt .

Scott is alleged to have lied when he testified that the cancelation of tenders and firing of directors at ZAWA was government’s position.

Syakalima said that Changala’s move to demand for the resignation of Scott was long overdue and should be supported by all law abiding citizens, adding that Scott should be probed on many other issues other than the lies he told the tribunal.

“In fact I join Brebner Changala who is demanding for the resignation of Dr. Scott for lying on oath. It is shameful that our leaders put no value to leadership hence such lies. Dr. Scott ought to know that what he did was an offence and the decent thing is to step aside and if he dares the people of Zambia a tribunal will be the best way to go,” said Syakalima.

He said that what Dr. Scott did was wrong and should be punished for telling lies.

“He must be punished because his conduct tells a very wrong story about his interest in issues to do with ZAWA. We were all wondering why he decided to lie and go against the testimony given by the Attorney General Mumba Malila who testified that Masebo was wrong as she did not have powers to cancel tenders,” he said.

Syakalima noted with sadness that the PF leadership was in a crisis, adding that a few people in the ruling party will survive tribunals because of the way they were conducting themselves in government.

“There are too much money illegalities and it is time that we step up the fight against abuse of office and corruption by uprooting these leaders in the PF,” he said.

He wondered how Scott could defend a lie when he had known that it was not government’s position to have the directors fired and 19 hunting concessions cancelled.On Sunday, Changala gave Vice President Scott seven days ultimatum to resign from his position for having lied before the Judge Royda Kaoma tribunal that it was government’s position to dissolve the ZAWA board and cancel its 19 safari hunting concession tenders.Changala said that he would be left with no option but to write the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to constitute a tribunal to probe Dr. Scott’s misconduct and other related issues if he (Dr. Scott) refuses to step down.