ZEMA summons China Jiangsu International

Chinese company, China Jiangsu International together with Skyline Qurry Limited that threatened to shoot and kill a Daily Nation reporter for investigating its illegal quarrying and mining has been summoned again by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) to explain why they have ignored a High Court order restraining them from conducting the mining activities.

ZEMA spokesperson Irene Chipili confirmed that China Jiangsu International Limited and Skyline Quarry Limited were summoned last week but that the Chinese company refused to report to the agency.

Chipili said ZEMA was aware that there was a land wrangle between the Chinese company and Vikram, the legal owners of the land in question and that the company had been summoned but was uncooperative.

She said in an interview yesterday that ZEMA had been on site and was currently conducting thorough investigations to establish why the Chinese company had ignored the court order and invaded the land belonging to Vikram Investment Limited.

She confirmed that ZEMA had approved Vikram Investment Limited Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and that it was surprising that it was the Chinese company that was instead conducting querrying and mining activities.

“We are aware that there is a land wrangle between Skyline Quarry Limited and Vikram Investment Limited. We have since summoned the Chinese company but they have not been cooperative. As ZEMA,we have approved Vikram Investment Limited EIA and we are wondering why Skyline has continued to mine with the licenced area of another company. We are investigating the matter because we realize that there is a court order that has equally been ignored,” Chipili said.

Vikram Investment Limited has been awarded a large scale prospective licence number 16703-HQ-LPL by the ministry of mines and had its EIA approved by ZEMA but before it could commence its mining operations, China Jiangsu through Skyline Quarry Limited and Busoli Development Company invaded the said land and started its illegal quarrying and mining.

Director of Mines at the Ministry of Mines Mooya Lumamba has written to Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani asking her to compel China Jiangsu and tis accomplices to immediately cease their illegal quarrying and mining activities within Vikram mining licence areabut the Chinese company had defied the police and have continued with their activities.

China Jiangsu International, Busoli Development Company, Skyline Quarry Limited, Economic Technical Co (Z) Limited and George Mwamba have disregarded a High Court injunction and have grabbed a mining area dully given to Vikram Investment Limited and have started quarrying and mining activities without a valid licence.

Investigations by the Daily Nation have revealed that the named companies have encroached Vikram Investment Limited prospecting area 16703-HQ-LPL which was formerly given to the company by the Ministry of Energy and Water Development.