Mayoral elections in Livingstone engulfed in corruption?

The election campaigns for the posts of mayor and deputy at the Livingstone City Council in Southern Province are reported to be riddled with corrupt practices involving councilors.

According to sources within the council, the ruling PF is planning to buy votes from opposition MMD to increase its chances of winning the position of Mayor.

A source said that some named MMD councilors have been working with the PF so that they can help the ruling party win the position of mayor while the deputy mayor position can go to either MMD or UPND.

According to the source, campaigns for the two positions started last week shortly after a full council meeting.

The sources expressed concern that the elections will not be healthy and clean because of some secret activities that have come into play.

“What is happening is that there are some MMD and UPND councilors who have allowed themselves to be used by the ruling PF over the position of mayor. Some councilors have been bought so that they can support whoever is picked from the PF to stand as mayor, this of course is in exchange for money and other favors,” said a source.

“We are aware about these midnight meetings and campaigns which have been going on since the day we held a full council meeting. Some MMD councilors have sold their votes to PF so that UPND is not given any chance on the position. They have been working with PF and we know them,” the source said.

The source however said despite all the schemes by PF, there were some MMD councilors who have stood their ground and would work with the UPND for any position.

“I do not want to start mentioning names but there are some MMD councilors who have morals and have decided to stay away from the corrupt activities and want to work with UPND,” said the source.

All the three political parties (MMD, UPND and PF) have not yet announced their candidates for the positions of mayor and deputy mayor.

But sources within the political circles have hinted that the ruling PF is likely to settle for Akapelwa ward councilor Fred Sikazwe for the position of Mayor while UPND would fieldĀ  Simonga ward councilor Milford Mambo for mayor while MMD is likely to pick the outgoing deputy mayor Mathews Jere to contest the mayoral ship.