Unite Zambia, Sata told

President Michael Sata should take affirmative steps towards restoring unity, justice and peace in Zambia by delivering a durable and people driven constitution before Zambia celebrates its golden jubilee because the current defective document has caused a lot of acrimony and antagonism among citizens, the Opposition Alliance (OP) has demanded.

Alliance chairperson General Malimba Masheke has advised that it was politically safer for the Patriotic Front (PF) to listen to the demands of Zambians while they were still willing to dialogue because that would avoid plunging the country into chaos and lawlessness.

Gen Masheke said Zambians were peaceful people but could only take so much oppression from their leaders and President Sata should avoid falling into the temptation of taking citizens for granted.

He cautioned that the PF government should know that governance was not about the birth of strong men but that good governance was about strong democratic institutions that were able to control leaders with the propensity to lead with an iron fist.

Speaking at the first media briefing since the birth of the Alliance, Gen Masheke said President Sata had the obligation to unite Zambians in readiness for the celebrations of the independence golden jubilee by committing his administration to delivering a people driven constitution.

He said Zambians were all agreed that the major stumbling block to unity, justice and peace in the country was a defective and undemocratic constitution stating that the roots of animosity, acrimony, antagonism and the divisions were as result of government’s arrogance on the constitution making process.

“All Zambians are agreed that the major stumbling block to justice, peace and unity in our country is our defective constitution. The roots of animosity, bad governance, divisions and lack of development in Zambia can be traced to our undemocratic constitution. It is because of the weak constitution that vices such as violation of human rights, abuse of power, corruption and poverty are thriving in Zambia. President Sata should therefore unite Zambians in readiness for the celebration of the independence Golden jubilee by committing his administration to delivering a people driven constitution that would meet the aspirations of citizens,” Gen Masheke said.

Gen Masheke stated that the Alliance was aware that government had invited dignitaries and that it would be embarrassing  for them to attend the celebrations that would be boycotted by the majority of Zambians on account of President Sata unwillingness to deliver the new constitution.

And MMD president Nevers Mumba has charged that there was a strong possibility that President Sata and the PF government may never deliver the new and durable constitution to Zambians.

Dr Mumba said the PF was going to leave a wretched legacy by refusing to honour the constitution process that would haunt them for many years outside government.

“This government has adopted an attitude of arrogance which will help Zambians vote the PF out of government because citizens hate arrogance and impunity,” Dr Mumb said.

Meanwhile, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has stated that President Sata had widely opened State House doors to many political scavengers and had gone to bed with them by making them his advisors.

Mulongoti said President Sata was deliberately frustrating the constitution making process because he had never committed himself to the process.