Sata should cage his wild cadres- NAREP

Zambians are no longer safe at the hands of the Patriotic Front government which has allowed its cadres to take the law in their own hands, says National Restoration Party youth league Chairman Wilson Banda.

Banda said the action of the unruly youths has in  some cases resulted in the  death of innocent citizens

He was however quick to point that the uncontrollable violence by PF thugs was as a result of police acting in unprofessional manner.

He said that the killing of a PF cadre and hacking of a police officer last week in Lusaka West should be blamed on police officers for conducting themselves as cadres.

“We have always stated that the police must be professional in executing their duties as mandated by the law. They must without fear or favour maintain law and order. What happened in Lusaka West has exposed police officers and there is need to seriously reflect on the incident,” said Banda.

He said the incident should be a turning point for both the police and Zambians, adding that police had a duty to stop or prevent the current lawlessness instigated by PF cadres.

“We are very disturbed by the killing of our fellow youth by the police and the axing of the police officer by the PF cadres who are taking the law in their own hands. If only our police service was independent, the deaths and the lawlessness that the country has witnessed from PF cadres ever since they took office in 2011 could have been  avoided,” said Banda.

Banda said that NAREP had finally been vindicated when it said that the PF cadres were a bunch of lawless thugs who should be stopped from attacking innocent citizens.

“We said that cadres should be stopped forthwith from taking the law in their own hands, we also told the police to cage PF thugs but police provided total defence to the thugs.

“But we are happy now that the last weeks’ event in Lusaka West has vindicated us. No one is safe. We have lost so many lives in this country ever since the so called PF cadres decided to live above the law and these are the criminals that the police protect,” said Banda. Banda warned police officers to change and stop protecting criminals in PF because they would continue hacking and intimidating police officers for no apparent reasons.

“Residents in Lusaka West and other parts of the country are living in fear; their lives are being threatened by the very cadres that want to grab their land. This is not how we should live as a nation, it is important that rights of the people are respected and protected.

“We can build or destroy our country which our forefathers fought for during the struggle for independence. We would like to call on our fellow youths in the country to refrain from  acts of violence as it will not solve any  of their problems,” he said.