Bemba Queen defends Sosala

Queen mother of the Bemba Royal Establishment, Chieftainess Mukuka Mfumu has defended the appointment of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and has castigated Chief Chewe Kamponge of Chinsali whom she has accused of misleading the nation and causing acrimony in the Bemba Kingdom.

Speaking when she made a rare appearance on Kasama’s Mano Community Station on Thursday the Queen mother said Sosala’s appointment went through her, contrary to Chileshe Yulaya Yumba’s claims on Tuesday.

She accused Yumba who reigns as Chief Chewe Kamponge (IV) of doing things that disregarded the Bemba traditional set up on such matters.

“Ba Yulaya Yumba bacita ifya kuipangila abene ifishili fya ntambi shalubemba, ba Sosala ba sontelwe naine (Yulaya Yumba does things as he pleases contrary to the Bemba tradition, the appointment of Sosala had my blessings),” she said.

The Queen Mother who was flanked by the spokesperson of the Bemba Royal Establishment and other royal members added that the unfortunate behavior of Chileshe Yulaya Yumba could be evidenced in the manner he was jostling for the throne of Chief Nkula which led to acrimony.

Earlier on Tuesday, Yumba charged that ba Shilubemba had no authority to appoint the Chitimukulu and that the responsibility lay with the Bemba Queen mother.

He also threatened to take legal action against the spokesperson of the Bemba Royal Establishment Washanga Impika-shalubemba, for claiming that President Michael Sata had erroneously appointed him (Yumba) as Chitimukulu. But Washanga said the action will be the first one in the history of the kingdom and accused Yumba of masquerading as chief Chewe.

He further said that it would be shocking for someone who claims to be Chief Chewe to take royalty to court.

Washanga has since challenged Yumba to tell the nation who appointed him Chief Chewe Kamponge (IV) and why he was bent on bringing confusion in the Bemba kingdom.

President Sata has refused to recognize the traditional appointment of Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga (ii) of the Bemba people, insisting that he was not properly initiated but the establishment has challenged the President to clearly state the personal differences he had with Sosala which has led to the deployment of policemen at the palace to block Sosala from occupying it.The head of state has however not offered convincing reasons for his rejection of Sosala, an action which led to the royal establishment accusing him of having a personal preferred candidate in mind and has vowed not to reverse the appointment.

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