Scott is a bully-HH

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has accused Vice President Guy Scott of practicing vulgar politics, replete with bullying

Hichilema said that Dr. Scott ‘s only descriptions for other people were derogatory names to disrespect them.

In an interview, Hichilema said that Dr. Scott’s likening of Patriotic Front Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda to a dog with a bone was an insult to the people of Kabwata, to his family and clan.

He said that Dr. Scott was a bully who wanted to scare Zambians by using derogatory remarks such as the ones he used against Lubinda.

“I was shocked that Dr. Scott as Vice President could use such derogatory remarks against one of his senior members in the PF. Lubinda worked hard for the PF to be where it is today. Why likening Lubinda to a dog? Where are the morals in that man (Scott) he thinks Zambia is still in colonial days where racial and insulting remarks should be tolerated? Dr. Scott has just proved to be uncalled for, what he sees in people is colour and tribe,” said Hichilema.

The outspoken opposition leader said that PF leaders must be kept in check to avoid abusing Zambians, “they know no kind words apart from insults. The PF is an insulting party. A few months ago when I made a comment about people condemned me but what has happened now that he is likening Lubinda to a dog?”

Hichilema said Zambians should wake up and defend the country from people like Scott who did not have respect for his fellow human being.

“What Scott sees in other human beings are dogs, animals. It is not me that is what he said. He was quoted by his friends as saying that Lubinda should not be like a dog with a bone that has lost its flavour. Honestly is that the language which must be encouraged coming from number two in government? How did Lubinda and his family feel about this statement by Scott? These are racial remarks and Scott should grow up and stop abusing people in such a manner,” said Hichilema.

Hichilema said that he was compelled to speak out on this matter because Dr. Scott had continued insulting Zambians at will.

He said that Scott has been insulting Zambians on various fora when he has an opportunity to do so without any challenge.

“It is up to us to stop this bullying especially from our leaders, they have to be responsible enough in the manner they respond to people. There is no way Zambia can develop with people like Scott at the helm of the governance of the country,” said Hichilema.

Hichilema wondered why President Sata had continued keeping an insulting and disrepective Vice President.


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2 Responses to “Scott is a bully-HH”

  1. mulenga says:

    scott is a white pig that still think that zambia is still under colonial rule

  2. gerge k c says:

    Like master like slave, he follows what his bo
    ss does to insult his own MPs as useless nothing to offer to zambian people.How can a reasonable leader insults his own who made him to be what he his now , nd start sheeting in state house so we cant be surprise to hear fm his No two to follow suite.Its us zambians to blame bcos of fear nd cowardaice in us we pretend to be knowlegeable while not, in south africa or zimbabwe such stupid behaviur is not tolarated..gk