Chituwo justifies secret meeting

MMD vice president for administration Dr Brian Chituwo has no apologies to make to anyone for having private talks with Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe to discuss some unknown agenda.

Chituwo said that he had no comments to make on allegations leveled against him and his counterpart Dr Michael Kaingu by MMD’s director of communications Muhabi Lungu that the two had a private meeting with M’membe and Kabimba over unknown agenda, shortly before the public spat demanding for an extraordinary convention.

On Sunday, Lungu challenged both party vice presidents Chituwo and Kaingu to explain to the nation and the party in particular the content of the meeting they held with M’membe and Kabimba.

He said the two should come out in the open and explain the agenda of having a meeting with Kabimba and M’membe at the Post Newspaper offices if it were not a scheme to destabilize the former ruling party.

And Chituwo said there was nothing wrong for him to meet people perceived to be enemies of the former ruling party because he was a senior member of the party.

He said as a senior member of MMD he should be entrusted with the running of affairs of the party and there should be no doubt for his credibility.

“I am not going to comment on what Muhabi said but I must state that I have no apologies to make to anyone. Yes we have had meetings with people but this has nothing to do with the problem that the MMD is facing.

“MMD needs to be transformed because in its current form the party is dying. I can meet anyone anywhere and that should not be a problem for anyone and as a senior citizen and a senior member for the party I should ensure that things are moving in the right direction,” Chituwo said.

Lungu made the challenge when he featured on Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation (ZNBC) Television’s Sunday Interview where he alleged that both Kaingu and Chituwo had an agenda against the party president which manifested after meeting Kabimba and M’membe.

He charged that it was highly likely that the two MMD officials that met Kabimba and M’membe for some clandestine schemes to cause consternation in the party so that the general membership could rise against Mumba because he had remained a big threat to the Patriotic Front.

Lungu said party vice presidents Dr. Kaingu and Dr. Chituwo had confessed having held meetings with Kabimba and M’membe but had refused to divulge the details of their meetings.


3 thoughts on “Chituwo justifies secret meeting

  1. Surely if Chituwo was really the type of person he purpots to be,why sure go and dine with the ‘devil’.Definately that meeting he had with Mummembe and Kabimba was not for the betterment of MMD.He should be ashamed,he is a disgrace to MMD and his family.

  2. that answears every drop of a confussion raised by the two administrators,i dont see how a snake move nd sit down together with
    a rat in a kichean, nd even exchangeing idears , its not true story unless something very important which can temporary puts away their enemity in few moments.Thats why zambian politics nisala yachilamo as a result our leardes cant think something very constractive to lead the nation my goshii disaster very where, this poverty stricken leaders will at the end of the story sell our mother zambia without us the owners knowing.., gkc

  3. Dr Chituwo,pliz don’t discredit yourself.Being a senior member in the Party does not make you to be a vacilator and a snake.In fact if really an honourable senior member,you will try hard by all possible means to salvage the Party.To seat with Mummembe and Kabimba for the sake of helping MMD to survive,is really a joke,and that questions your morality,intentions and intelligency.Really ba Chituwo don’t insult our intelligency.Just go home and rest,leave the MMD to serious minded and trustworthy pipo,and not you moles and chameleons.

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