Constitution making process is over


The Technical Committee on Drafting the Constitution has  been ordered to hand over the draft document to the Permanent Secretary at the  Ministry of Justice instead of the President as earlier announced.

The Committee has since handed over all documents including 10 copies of the draft constitution to the permanent secretary in charge of administration at the Ministry following instructions that the committee should conclude its business on 31st March 2014.

Committee Spokesperson Ernest Mwansa in a statement yesterday said that its works had been halted after the committee received a letter dated 27th March 2014 directing it to wind up.

He explained that the committee has since handed over 10 copies of the draft constitution, the constitution bill and the constitution report to the Ministry of Justice.

“Although the draft constitution has not been officially handed over to the appointing authority because since December 2013 frantic efforts to hand in the document to the authority failed, the committee would like to thank President Michael Sata and the government for granting it an opportunity to draft the Zambian Constitution and the financial support rendered to the Committee since 2011,” he said.

He said the Committee thanked the Justice Ministry and has since handed over the offices occupied by the Technical Committee to the Legal and Justice Reform Commission.