Police arrest 27 PF cadres for land grabbing

The number of arrested suspected PF cadres who were grabbing and illegally allocating land in Lusaka West Kalundu area has increased to 27 from 20, Lusaka Police Commissioner Lemmy Kajoba has said.

Kajoba said Police have managed to arrest another seven suspected PF cadres over the weekend bringing the total number of arrested cadres linked to illegal land allocation to 27.

“We picked up other cadres over the weekend and the number has now increased to 27 and others have already appeared in court,” Kajoba said.

Kajoba said some of the arrested cadres would today and tomorrow appear in court for their illegal actions.

“Among the group, others are expected to appear in court today and tomorrow but this does not mean they will be released because they have to help Police with investigation of others involved in illegal land allocations,” he said.

Kajoba said Kalundu areas in Lusaka West were suspected PF cadres were allocating land to themselves and selling is under the eagle’s eye of the Zambia police.

“I would like to confirm to you that the exercise has extended even to other parts of the country which has been experiencing illegal land allocations by suspected cadres,” Kajoba said.

Kajoba said the exercise has also extended to chongwe district were cadres had been illegally allocating land to themselves in the recent past.

The commissioner further said, the police were still investigating the cause of the death of cadre who was reportedly shot dead after clashing with police in Kalundu on Sunday lastweek.

And owner of the land in Lusaka west Siisii Lisulo said he was still living in fear because of numerous threats from suspected PF cadres.

“The police have not come back to check on us since last week when the deputy minister of home affairs Steven Kampyongo visited my farm ,” he said.

Lisulo said the cadres could come any day as threatened and feared that they would come with Paraffin to burn his house on the farm. Lisulo however said the area had been calm from the time the minster visited his farm.

“Even if it has become calm, you never know when the cadres can come back, we are still living in fear,” he said.