MMD is dying-Dora

The MMD in its current form is incapable of winning any election because its leadership, has completely failed to provide inspiring and hopeful leadership, party spokesperson Dora Siliya has charged.

And party president Dr. Nevers Mumba says all party officials with ideas should make submissions to the party secretariat and not through the press.

Dr. Mumba said that he would not comment further, adding that he had issued directives not to engage party officials over internal matters through the media.

“Anybody with proposals should submit them to the secretary. I have made myself clear on these matters. And I will not comment further because I will be going against my directives not to engage party officials through the media,” said Dr. Mumba.

Siliya said that the MMD was dying painfully under party president Mumba and unless drastic steps were taken to resuscitate the former ruling party, there is little or no hope that the party would survive to the 2016 general elections.

She said the MMD had reached a state of political comatose under Dr Mumba and that the former ruling party was being shunned by its current, former and prospective members apart from being unable to attract donors.

“I can safely tell you that the MMD is dying a painful death now under Dr. Mumba because of the kind of leadership he has adopted.   Our party has failed and is failing to attract new membership because of lack of party mobilization. The party has failed and is actually failing to attract funding from would be funders,” said Siliya.

She said in order to save the former ruling party from extinction; the MMD should hold a national convention where new leaders would be elected.

Siliya said that it was a responsibility for all well meaning MMD party officials and sympathizers to support the calls for a convention adding that it was heartbreaking to see the once upon time mighty MMD lose elections to UPND, NAREP and FDD in some regions.

“It is heartbreaking and painful to see how fast MMD is dying under Dr. Mumba. That is why some of us have spoken out about these issues because we love the MMD and we do not want this party to die now because it has the potential to form government in 2016 under a vibrant and focuses leadership,” said Siliya.

She said the leadership wrangles which have rocked the MMD were dangerous and it was time leaders in the party exhibit selflessness by doing what should be done to save it.

“This is not about Nevers, not even Dr. Chituwo or Dr. Kaingu. It is about the feeling of the general membership of the MMD. It is time we put the house in order by doing the right thing. I am sad that I am the one taking this party position, but I have to do it because I have no choice. The MMD will and cannot win an election under the current leadership, the MMD cannot mobilize and attract membership under the current leadership and finally the MMD cannot attract funding under  the current leadership and it is correct to heed to calls from our members to go for a convention where a new leadership would be elected.”

This is not only about the presidency but also, the two positions for the vice president, national secretary, party spokesperson and other positions in order to bring new life in the MMD. The party in its current form it is disgruntled,” she said.

The former ruling party has in the recent weeks been faced with serious leadership fights, between the pro Mumba camp and the pro Chituwo and Kaingu camp.

And national youth secretary, Tobias Kafumukache said that the former ruling party had drastically lost popularity due to what he called ‘Dr. Mumba’s crippled style’ of leadership.

Kafumukache said that it was only an emergency extra ordinary convention which had the capacity to resolve the problems the party was experiencing.

He said that calling for a national convention was the only hope to rejuvenate the party from total collapse. The former ruling party’s leadership is divided following the decision by top party officials who are calling for the removal of current president, Nevers Mumba and convening of a convention to elect fresh office bearers.

2 thoughts on “MMD is dying-Dora

  1. Dora should not mislead the Zambian pipo in general.If Dora is dying politically as an individual,she should not say MMD is dying.MMD is an Insititution and is bigger than an individual.Leaders will come and go.MMD shall remain.Besides,I don’t really see the value Dora adds to MMD for now.In fact,when pipo see Dora in MMD Leadership,they don’t want to join or rejoin MMD.Her exist shall be a blessing in desgise.

  2. Leadership is you inclusive. Leave after all you personally contributed heavily to MMD loss because of your arrogance. You were the Kabimba equivalent during MMD rule.

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