Procurement process hub of corruption- Cabinet office

The lack of professionalism, confidentiality and fair competition created by procurement officers in Zambia has resulted into lack of public trust in the awarding of contracts and procurement process inthe country, director of private sector development programme to the office Secretary to the Cabinet Kayula Siame has disclosed.

Siame has observed that the onus was on procurement officers to build the lost confidence and glory by

upholding the professionalism of the career.

Speaking when she opened the 2014 Southern Africa Procurement and Supply Chain Management Symposium workshop at Zambezi Sun in Livingstone on Tuesday, Siame said that there was need for

procurement officers in the country to loot at their profession as a calling and not as a job.

“We need to look at what we do as a calling and not as a career. There is need for a change of mind set in the way we carry out our duties and we need to look at challenges as opportunities. As professionals, our decision in the procurement processes should be based on reasonably because what is important in the supply chain in the end user,” Siame said.

Siame said: “Public trust in the procurement processes and awarding of contracts has been lost and this environment has been created by ourselves because we are lacking professionalism,

confidentiality and competition fairness. Confidentiality builds trust within overall economy and suppliers must be treated in a fair competitive manner.”

She stated that public trust and confidence had been eroded adding the challenge was on the men and women in the procurement profession.

She said that those in the procurement and supply chain must maintain impeccable integrity regardless of whether they are from the public or private sector.

Siame observed that all professionals should continue to foster the highest standards adding that they should enhance their knowledge and remain relevant.

The Director Private Sector Development Programme further charged that those in the procurement and supply chain should not ignore the procurement in the hub of corruption.

Ms. Siame challenged procurement officers to go beyond reproach and avoid bribes whether indirectly or directly through the receiving of gifts.

“You should not ignore that procurement is the centre of corruption so you should go beyond reproach. You should avoid bribes whether directly or indirectly.

Accepting gifts affects decision making,” she said.

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  1. The worst culprit is PS Cabinet Sinyangwe. She does deals with the proprietor of Rev Motors the Eastern European woman who charges not less than ZMK5000 for servicing GRZ cars while at Toyota Zambia and other franchise holders it is not more than ZMK3000 for servicing cars

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