Founding members asked to save MMD

All former founding members of opposition MMD should intervene in the former ruling party leadership wrangles to save it from dying, says MMD Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Yotamu Mtayachalo

Mtayachalo named former republican President Rupiah Banda, veteran politicians Vernon Mwanga, Katele Kalumba, Michael Mabenga, Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika and Sikota Wina as some of the people who should help MMD.

The outspoken Mutayachalo also threatened to defect to the UPND if the MMD failed to resolve the wrangles in the next few weeks.

“That is why people are defecting because of poor leadership in our party. I have no apology to make about these issues because the MMD needs a leadership which is inspiring to all and not a leadership which fails to mobilize the party.”

He feared the former ruling party will be a total shell by 2016 if the leadership failed to address the current problems the party was experiencing.

Mtayachalo said that the current MMD leadership of Dr. Nevers Mumba, Dr. Michael Kaingu, Dr. Brian Chituwo, Dora Siliya, Chembe Nyangu, Kapembwa Simbao, Felix Mutati, Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane and the entire national executive committee should seek counsel from former leaders of  the party.

“It is my appeal to our gurus, we still have them. We still have former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, Vernon Johnson Mwaanga,  Katele Kalumba, Sikota Wina and Michael Mabenga to name but a few to help the MMD from its current quagmire. MMD should not die because of selfish leaders who cannot accept that the party is quickly dying,” said Mutayachalo.

Mutayachalo also reminded the embattled leaders in the MMD that the party national executive committee was not MMD but a branch entrusted to run the daily affairs of the party, adding that if they have failed they should leave.

Mutayachalo said that the convention would be in the interest of the party and not individuals, saying that even the current party president Nevers Mumba should be made aware that he would not achieve the party’s vision if the wrangles continued.

“This issue of saying those who are fighting me should leave the MMD is not an issue at all, what should be correctively agreed is that a convention must be held. I know my colleagues on the Copperbelt are against that the convention, but I strongly feel it is the only way to go to save the MMD from total collapse,” he said.

He said that Dr. Mumba and other leaders in the party should realize that the party had stopped attracting new membership while old members were now defecting to the opposition UPND which has a stable leadership.

“When we look at the just ended Katuba Parliamentary by-election and local government ones, you will earnestly say that the MMD has a failed leadership. There is no way the party can be coming out number three or four in by-elections two years after leaving government,” said Mutayachalo.

Pressure is mounting on Dr. Mumba to step aside as party leader after senior NEC members accused him of failing. But Dr. Mumba vowed to continue leading the MMD until the next elections.

3 thoughts on “Founding members asked to save MMD

  1. Ba Mtayachalo.the convention is not the answer.Now it’s even risky because of these starving pipo without morals,they shall be sponsored by the’enemies’ of the Party and they shall infiltrate it.The end result will be worse than before.Also let the MMD members know that they’re not at State House where money was easy to get.Mind you MMD has never been in opposition perse.For Mtayachalo,it’s only a non-leader who jumps ship when there’s a problem.When there’s a problem in UPnD,he will jump again to who knows where?.

  2. The general MMD members should know that when Dr Mumba took over as the new MMD President,the fortunes of the Party where very very low.The perception that the Party was corrupt was very fresh in the memories of the Zambians.In Fact in my view,Dr Mumba should be recommended to have risked his life to preside over such a battered Party.These characters who’re speaking the loudest where not near to lead the Party, because some of them are part of the corruption and caused the loss of MMD in 2011

  3. Ba Mtayachalo,you seem to have forgotten that some Senior MMD members still want to behave as though they’re at State House,where they used to get easy money like the famous Slash Fund under FTJ.Dr Mumba is the only MMD President who is not at State House.So pliz ba Mtayachalo,the Founder Members operated in a different environment,the dynamics have changed.Pipo like Chitala for me are not credible.He’s a vacilator like a pendulum.Dr Kalombo Mwansa is Level headed in my opinion.

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