PF power struggle erupts

Some senior members positioning themselves to take over the presidency of the Patriotic Front (PF) for the 2016 general elections are destroying and wreaking havoc in the party and tormenting genuine party members, Bwacha Member of Parliament Sydney Mshanga has said.

Mshanga has said that those scheming to take over the leadership of the PF should know and accept that there shall be one party president at anytime time and that all the members had the responsibility to respect and protect President Michael Sata.

He said ambitious senior party officials have been inventing reasons to hound out those perceived to be against their desires, stating that it was unfair for the party in Kabwe to allege that him (Mshanga) and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament James Kapyanga had rebelled against the party and that they were not working with party structures.

“For now, we must accept that there shall be one president for the PF and the country and that is President Sata.  We must respect the President and it is not right to start scheming against him. And there shall be one MP at a time and I have the mandate from the people of Bwacha only that expires in 2016. After that I do not know what will happen,” Mshanga said.

Mshanga has revealed that there had been a lot of hostility against him and his Kabwe Central MP Kapyanga from some senior PF officials and wondered why the leadership in the party was deliberately frustrating their efforts to develop their constituencies.

Mshanga said he did not know why PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba was attacking and slandering him (Mshanga) and Kapyanga when he could have easily summoned them to discuss their perceived weaknesses.

He said it was disappointing that Kabimba who was recently in Kabwe insinuated that the two PF MPs in Kabwe had shunned the fundraising meeting organized by the party when they had informed the Justice Minister of the official Parliamentary programme.

He explained that since becoming an MP on the PF ticket, he had never known peace as the party structures had decided to revolt against him for some unknown reasons.

Mshanga complained that he and Kapyanga had been victims of hatred, malice and slander being perpetrated by some senior central committee officials who haboured ambitions to take over the reins of the ruling party.

“I do not know what wrong we have committed against our party and the leadership. Mr Kapyanga and I have been victims of hatred and malicious schemes. We have never known peace in the party and Kabwe from the time we were elected. My family has also suffered and they have been asking me what wrong I have committed against the party. But I think these hate and malicious schemes are being perpetrated by people who are positioning themselves for the 2016 general elections. And this is what has deeply divided the party and for me, I am calling for unity and peace because we cannot go to the elections a divided people,” Mshanga said.

He said the people of Bwacha constituency had given him a five year mandate in which to represent them in Parliament and wondered why some people were scheming to have him replaced before his term could expire.