RB must come back

MMD officials in Lusaka are now calling for the return of former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda to end the leadership wrangles that have charecterised the former ruling party.

Some officials at district level feel that the retired politician was the only remedy to ending the current leadership crisis the party was facing.

The officials say the former President was in the best place to stop the wrangles and help the party attract new membership and prepare for the 2016 general elections.

Officials said that although no official approach had been made to ask the former Head of State for the posibility of a come back into active politics, it was collectively agreed that he could help end the leadership wrangles and end the divisions.

“We are yet to meet former President Rupiah Banda on the posibility of him coming back. He is the right man to address the problems  the MMD is facing now. It is not us alone even some senior members of the party feel that he is the right man who could save the former ruling party from the total collapse,” said one of the officials.

The MMD has been engulfed with constant confusion after senior members including two vice presidents Dr. Brian Chituwo and Dr. Michael Kaingu rebelled against party president Dr. Nevers Mumba.

The senior officials say Dr Mumba has failed to run the party and it was only important that an extraordinary convention was held where the members would elect a new leadership.

Dr Mumba has repeatedly defied calls for leadership change in the MMD and insisted recently that the party would not go for an extraordinary convention as long he was in charge.

“We want RB to return because this man (Dr Mumba) has failed to run the party,” said one of the officials from the Lusaka District. “He has brought his own people that are not adding any value to the party and it is only RB who can restore our pride.”