RB not ready for active politics

Former President Rupiah Banda has maintained that he will not heed to calls for his return to active politics as he has a lot of personal issues to deal with.

President Banda said yesterday that those calling for his return to politics should have mercy for him as he had so many issues that needed his attention.

“I appreciate the calls but please anilekeleko nemuyao nioneko vinthu viyakine. (Let them leave me alone so that I can concentrate on other issues).  I have heard people talking about that but no one has approached me to discuss the matter but I must mention that I cannot because I have so many things to look at,” president Banda said.

The former Head of State said the people advocating for his comeback should have consulted him before making any pronouncements to the public.

Meanwhile the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has said that it would be politically unsafe for president Banda to return to active politics because Zambians politics had become too ugly for a decent politician like the former head of state.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said while it was his party that had mooted the idea of recalling president Banda from retirement, the political platform had been invaded by a desperate cartel that would not only perfect their evil plans but would probably physically harm the former president.

Sakala explained that for the sake of the life and integrity of president Banda, it was the position of his party that the former head of state should not come back into active politics.

Sakala said the cartel was becoming more powerful and desperate by the day that they would ensure the former president was destroyed in one way or the other.

He said president Banda has been a victim of persecution at the hands of known people who possessed a lot of hatred against the former Zambian leader.

“I know we started the call for president Banda to come back into politics but our call was for him to unite the opposition that is currently fragmented. We believed that with his experience and popularity, he was going to be the best to lead the opposition and not to come back to MMD. But we realize that the cartel in this government has become so desperate that we see the danger of them harming the former president. For now, the MMD should leave our former president out of the politics because he is safer in retirement,” Sakala said.

Sakala said president Banda would have been the best to lead the opposition political parties but the current political environment of vengeance, retribution and persecution was not attractive to risk the integrity of the former head of state.

He said the MMD should find its own solution to their internal wrangles adding that as a former ruling and mature political party, there was still hope that they would be able to calm the storm.