Cadres lock up Kanyama MP’s office

Some PF cadres have locked up the office of Kanyama MP Col Gerry Chanda after they chased away his secretary and security guard for undisclosed reasons. But Chanda has threatened the cadres involved in the locking up of his Constituency Office with expulsion from PF.   On Monday some identified PF cadres and members of the public evicted the MP’s secretary and security officer before barricading the office entrance. They later demanded to be addressed by Chanda.   But Chanda has accused some opposition parties of fueling hatred against him in his constituency, saying he would not succumb to any form of pressure.   He said it was irresponsible for members of the ruling party to take such action against him or anybody else in public office  simply because they were in power, and wondered how that would reflect on the PF.   “We are the ruling party, how do you close your own offices? How do you lock up a public office, it is like locking up your own bedroom?   “We have identified some of those involved in the locking up of my office in Kanyama, and I can tell you there will be expulsions soon over this,” Col Chanda said.   He said he was aware of a named opposition party that was buying beer and inciting residents to take such action against him, a move he said would not interfere with his development plans for Kanyama.   He explained that there were channels for presenting grievances and not by trespassing on public property.   He cautioned against such behavior which he described as uncalled for, adding that disciplinary action would be taken against unruly members.   The MP expressed concern with the growing practice of PF cadres meddling in the operations of public officers, as has been reported of some district commissioners and the recent lock up of Road Transport and Safety Agency offices in Lusaka.   Col Chanda said it was most unfortunate that people have taken to destructive methods of dealing with straight forward issues especially that as area MP he was available to dialogue over the problems in his constituency.   Col Chanda, who is Muchinga Province minister, said there was a system which must be followed to address problems in a constituency, and locking up offices was not one of them.   He said the party was not going to tolerate such disorderly conduct among party members and that those linked to the locking up of Kanyama MP office would be dealt with accordingly.   PF cadres have in the recent past taken the law into their hands through unauthorized demands for the removal of some public officers including DCs and recently the RTSA director Zindaba Soko who have all had their offices locked, as a sign of protest.

2 thoughts on “Cadres lock up Kanyama MP’s office

  1. Ba Kolonel don’t involve the opposition deliver on your promises and everyone will be happy fullu stop! wenye muleke

  2. no oppossition is infuencing the cadres but your failure to work to the expectation of the pipo. no wonder the president is not hapi woth you pipo coz your consitituencies are no different from those under opposition hence the head of state is mad about it.

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