Constitution, let advocates yap

President Michael Sata has continued mocking those demanding for the enactment of the new constitution branding them as people who were just yapping when the country has a functional constitution.

President said yesterday when he swore in Jean Kapata as Tourism and Arts Minister that the civil society organisations, the church, labour movement, student bodies and political parties demanding for the release of the draft constitution should continue yapping and that ministers and senior civil servants should not mind them.

President Sata has once again reasserted his position that Zambia does not need a new constitution because the current document was functional and poured scorn on the constitution making process saying its advocates should be ignored completely. President Sata said there was no constitutional crisis in Zambia claiming that if the country had no constitution, the girls that attended his swearing-in ceremony would not have dressed in what he deemed constitutional.

“There is so much noise about the constitution. If there was no constitution, what were we doing here? If there was no constitution how could those girls be dressed the way they are, daughters of the redeemer?” Where you go mind your business let them YAP about the constitution because in Zambia we always want anything new. But at the moment we have a functional constitution and that is what we are here for.”

President Sata appointed the Technical Committee to draft the country’s constitution but has since discredited the committee which has been forced to hand over the document to the Ministry of Justice against the terms of reference.

President Sata has directed his ministers and government officials to ignore demands for the release of the draft constitution apart from trivializing the constitution making process by saying that he was wondering why there were demands for a people driven constitution as if there was an animal driven constitution.