Erosion of ethics and Morality

Zambia is in desperate need of an ethics and moral commission, answerable preferably to the Constitution court which must be established under the new constitution.

As a country we must raise our ethical bar or face the deterioration and eventual collapse of our governance system, because the current oversight systems have been compromised and are not working.

There is no doubt that the Bank of Zambia, Drug Enforcement Commission, the Anti Corruption Commission and even our courts of law must be aware of the story Simataa Simataa has revealed and yet nothing has been done.

Those who bankrolled or supported the Patriotic Front into office have received favours and absolution from serious cases that are bound to haunt the system and individuals for many years to come.

It really boggles the mind that our  law enforcement agencies  have been sitting, arms akimbo, afraid to investigate and prosecute  obvious crimes because those involved are connected and therefore powerful enough to intimidate and stop any investigation.

Even our National Assembly has lowered its ethical bar to allow individuals with doubtful character to slip through into sensitive government positions.  

It is unconscionable, indefensible and a clear mockery of morality that the issue of integrity as the cornerstone of good governance has been subordinated to the narrow dictates of pecuniary advantage.

We have people among us serving in Government and some preaching from the warped pedestal of moral high ground, who are in reality shameless, heartless and totally evil individuals whose hands are dripping with the blood of victims they have sent to early graves.

Instead of diminishing in stature they have managed to gain control of nearly all arms of governance and are now dictating their decadent values on Zambian society.

Not even our truly moribund Ant Corruption Commission has made any attempt to get to the base of the rot in society where ill gotten fortunes are made, characters assassinated and brazen thefts under the cover of premeditated technicalities are the order of the day.

For the first time in the history of this country, political affiliation has become the determining factor in the prosecution of cases and their likely outcome in our courts of law.

It has become extremely frightening that individuals can lose lives and no arrests or prosecution will follow although those responsible can be identified. We have the case of the Kampasa two and indeed the case of the PF cadre Samuel who were murdered in cold blood. Their cases have gone cold.

  What we fear and dread most is for our judicial system to be compromised to the detriment of national peace and security. There is nothing worse than a compromised judiciary which is a recipe to most failed states in Africa.

One thought on “Erosion of ethics and Morality

  1. When you talk of Morality and Integrity in our Leaders,it’s now imperative that the individuals who’re vying for a higher office (Plot 1) especially, are highly scrutinized.The Bible gives some guide lines of how to choose a Leader:In Exodus18:21,22;23:2,Acts6:3,Deuteronomy17:14-20.

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