Nevers advised to reconcile

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has been counseled to show to show leadership and come up with a solution to the problems that have engulfed the former ruling party.

The advice has been proffered by a number of founding members who feel that reconciliation must take place before the National Executive Meeting that is scheduled to take place later this month.

They said it would be wrong for Mumba to take sides and sideline those that had called for his resignation claiming that he had failed that party.

As a leader Mumba was expected to embrace even those that threw stones at him and that by so doing he would been practicing true democracy on which the MMD was founded.

The party elders said that it was time for the leadership in the former ruling party to consider having a council of elders whose main duty would be to guide the party whenever contentious issues arose.

“We would like to tell Mumba our young man that as a leader he should not be seen to favour some people. These are common mistakes that we make as leaders but we are here to guide him not to go that route. For the MMD to survive Mumba should not listen to one man but consult widely even from the so called elders in the party and should by all means embrace all members.

“MMD is the mother of democracy; therefore we expect our leader to let people exercise their democratic right by accepting divergent views from all the members. The MMD is a strong party and it would be wrong if we consider people advising us as enemies. This is a test that Mumba should pass and Zambians are waiting to see how democratic his party is,” said the party guru.

They advised Mumba to reconcile with his senior NEC members in order for the party to focus on providing proper checks and balances to the ruling PF.

The senior party officers also advised that it would not be ideal for the party to hold its NEC meeting as there were a lot of squabbles the party needed to resolve.

Meanwhile dates for the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the MMD will be announced shortly.  Acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu confirmed to the Daily Nation that he had not yet issued any notice to NEC members regarding the meeting that was scheduled to take place this Saturday.    Nyangu said he had not yet received instructions from president Mumba.

He said it was resolved after the NEC meeting held on 15th March 2014 that NEC would reconvene to elect the new party National Secretary and fill other vacancies.

Nyangu said 66 NEC members were expected to attend the meeting and that about five positions were still vacant.


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