…as Oasis Forum vows to continue “yapping” over the constitution

The Oasis Forum has vowed that it will continue yapping over its demands for a new constitution and is hopeful that President Michael Sata who was a strong advocate of a people driven constitution while in the opposition will hear their voices and facilitate the immediate release of the draft constitution for its onward enactment.

Oasis Forum chairperson Reverend Susanne Matale said the general citizenry were of the strong belief that President Sata appreciated that Zambia was in urgent need of  new guidelines on how the country could be governed.

Rev Matale said the Oasis Forum was deeply concerned and disappointed that there had been a sudden change on the part of President Sata whom she said Zambians believed when he committed himself to the aspirations of millions of Zambians who were looking for change.

Rev Matale said a new and better constitution would be a catalyst to the political, economic and social development of the country because it would be able to help government address issues such as the right to food, clean water and sanitation, education, health, the right to work and earn a living among many other human rights which were not being addressed by the current constitution.

Rev Matale said since President Sata had charged that advocates of the new constitution were only “yapping” and that he would not pay attention, the Church would increase the tone of their constitutional noise until the objective of Zambia getting a new constitution was achieved.

She said the Church was absolutely amazed by President Sata’s change of mind on the need to have a new and better constitution because the Head of State while in the opposition was a strong proponent of a people driven constitution because the current document was defective.

Rev Matale has called on the Church and Zambians of Goodwill to continue praying without ceasing because Zambians needed a constitution that would address rights such as the right to food, the right to clean water and sanitation, education, health and the right to work and earn a living.

“Let the President know that we shall continue yapping over the need for a new constitution until our voices are heard. We strongly believe that President Sata acknowledges the need for a new constitution because he was a strong proponent of a new constitution when he was in the opposition. We are appealing to him to consider changing his mind and fulfill his promise of delivering a people driven constitution.

We need a constitution that would give Zambians the right to have government leaders elected by the majority of the people of 50+1 percent,” Rev Matale said.She explained that the Church was shocked beyond belief that President Sata and the PF government were now glorifying the very document that they condemned while in the opposition.

Rev Matale stated that government had budgeted K44.2 million for the constitution making process and that it was incorrect and misleading for Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to give money as an excuse for refusing to enact a new constitution before 2016. “Unless and until we are going to have leaders that will walk the talk, there is a risk that the country could be tasking long steps backwards,” Rev Matale said.