CCZ censures Sata over Bishop Lungu threats

The attack on Bishop George Lungu of Chipata Catholic Diocese by President Sata is an attack on the entire body of christ, says Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) president Dr Alfred Kalembo.

Kalembo said the hostility  that  President Michael Sata has shown towards Bishop Lungu for allowing prayers for the release of the constitution to be conducted in his diocese are unwarranted, misdirected, uncalled for and an act of intimidation.

He said the CCZ would support the stance taken by Bishop Lungu to allow for prayers on the release of the constitution to be conducted in his diocese as this was the path that the church had decided on-to take the constitutional issues to the pulpit.

“Let it be known that this campaign for a people driven constitution will continue until the Zambian people give unto themselves a new constitution that will improve the way our country is governed by those we elect into political office.

“The Church cannot stand by and let the poor people of Zambia continue to wallow in abject poverty in the midst of all the God given resources we have in the nation which are befitting only a few because of lack of proper governance structures,” said Kalembo.

He reminded the Head of State that an attack on one faithful servant of God was an attack on the entire body of Christ.

The church leader reiterated that a new constitution was a must and the Church would not rest until those whom they had put in office heard the voices of Zambians.

“This, we believe, is not too much to ask of our own government,” he said.

Kalembo emphasised that church leaders who were advocating for the release of a new constitution had no political ambitions, but were instead drawing their authority from their God given mandate to speak for the silent majority.