Let Zambians ‘yap’ over their constitution – Saunders

President Sata has no right to insult and demean the entire nation, political activist Dante Saunders has said.

Saunders has now called on Zambians to come up with their own Constitution which incoming presidents and political parties must subscribe to, if they are to be elected into office in the 2016 elections.

The President can insult the people he appointed because he has every right to hire and fire them, but he has no right to insult the entire nation, including the clergymen who supported him as he fought to be in that office,” he said.

Saunders said with the collective expertise and experience of civil organizations it was possible to formulate a people driven constitution to which Zambians could hold future aspiring government.

“We should write the constitution and demand that those aspiring for office subscribe to it. This constitution should ensure that political leaders who do not advocate its values  are not voted into office by the people,” he said

Saunders said that it was shameful that from the word go, the PF government had plundered resources, adding that it was not fair that the Zambians were subjected to intimidation for demanding what they were promised.

“We did not force the President to promise the people things he knew could not be fulfilled, and denying them their constitutional rights was totally uncalled for,” he said He said it was unacceptable that the President had reached the levels of disrespecting clergymen, which was a sign that he meant trouble in the country.

“If someone has no respect for men of God then what do you expect with the rest of us.  Surely should calling for what belongs to people be a crime in Zambia? This constitution is ours and not the President’s,” he said.

It should worry the PF government more if Zambians stopped ‘yapping’ over the constitution,” Saunders said. Saunders wondered how the PF government would come up with a constitution when it included some clauses they believed would not work to their advantage. He said the continued economic plunder by the PF government would be accounted for at right time, adding that this would be one of the challenges that needed to be sorted by the Zambian people.

He said that it was unfortunate that the head of state had no regard for Zambians whom he could insult at any time he felt like.