HH attacked

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was forced to leave SUN FM radio station through the roof after marauding Patriotic Front (PF) cadres raided the Ndola based radio station where he was featuring to discuss Zambia’s political landscape under President Michael Sata.

The cadres armed with an assortment of weapons ranging from guns, pangas and other crude weapons raided SUN FM radio station demanding that Hichilema leaves the premises for criticizing President Sata and his style of leadership.

Hichilema confirmed to the Sunday Nation that he was forced to escape lynching by the PF cadres by leaving the studio through the roof of the Insurance House where SUN FM radio broadcasts from and whisked away to the safety of the UPND secretariat.

Several UPND cadres were reported to have been injured and the two camps clashed while the police were reduced to onlookers and bystanders bringing business in the central district of Ndola to a virtual standstill.

Marketeers and venders had to scamper in all directions abandoning their merchandise as the police looked on helplessly.

After realizing that Hichilema had left the Sun Radio station studio, the PF cadres in bus loads followed the opposition leader with his entourage to their secretariat where they threw stones and fired guns.

Hichilema is on the Copperbelt on a mobilization programme and was expected to address some meetings but the PF cadres vowed that they would never allow the UPND leader from walking the streets of Ndola because the town was a no go area.

“Yes, we have been attacked yet again by the PF thugs who raided the radio station where I was featuring and demanded for my blood. The cadres came blazing with guns, pangas, and other crude weapons and chased the police warning them that should they protect me, they would be beaten and transferred to rural areas.

“The police were watching the PF cadres attack some of people in my entourage helplessly. I warned Zambians of what Zambia was going to become soon after the PF formed government and no one believed me. Now here we are with all our rights taken away,” Hichilema said.

Copperbelt UPND provincial chairman Elisha Matambo was physically hustled while a differently abled sympathizer of the opposition political party was beaten to the floor.

Matambo said the PF cadres in buses and some other hired vehicles stormed SUN FM radio station just before Hichilema could conclude his programme and demanded that the interview be discontinued.

“Sensing that the life of Hichilema was in danger, his security personnel with the assistance of the staff on the radio station helped Hichilema escape unhurt,” Matambo said.

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