NAREP to embark on release draft constitution campaign

Opposition NAREP youths have announced that they will embark on a nationwide campaign to demand for the release of the new constitution.

NAREP deputy national chairperson Ezra Ngulube has said that it was unfair to the people of Zambia that President Michael Sata had decided to betray them by not delivering the constitution as promised.

Ngulube said the youths that voted for the President Sata and the PF had been betrayed because they had hope that they would have a new constitution and because of this betrayal they would continue to ‘yap’ because it was their right to ‘yap’ for what belonged to them.

He said his party wanted the draft constitution released immediately and that the campaign would be to sensitize Zambians especially in rural areas about the importance of having a new constitution.

“We as NAREP youths are embarking on this campaign and we shall tell the people to continue yapping as the constitution contains the bills of rights and other important pieces of legislation. Because of the present bad constitution that the President is claiming to be fine a lot of money has been spent on needless exercises at the expense of the Zambian tax payer.

“The people that the PF used to get into office like the mini bus drivers have now become criminals as they are being persecuted on a daily basis for various traffic offences. This government is busy talking about road construction, will people eat roads? As it is now the PF leadership is only concentrating on making roads but as a country we need a balanced development programme and these roads are not sustainable,” he said.

The youth leader charged that the PF administration had taken Zambian backwards in terms of development and that as far as the people of this country were concerned they will continue reminding President Sata on the need for a new constitution.

Ngulube said his party during the countrywide tour will tell the people to vote the PF out of power in 2016.