Sata difficult to meet-Dr Manda

President Michael Sata has become a very difficult man to visit at State House even with an appointment, observes Urologist Francis Manda.

Dr. Manda said that it was almost impossible to have access to President Sata at State House because of procedures.

He said this when he featured on the Manzi Therapy radio programme on ZNBC’s radio Four.

This was after one caller identified as Elijah Ngwale urged Dr. Manda to have time and meet President Sata and discuss with him how the corporate world could help in  the provision of social services such as health.

“Thanks very much, the corporate world has a responsibility to ensure that they plough back in the community they operate from. But the issue of meeting President Sata is difficult. Yes he is my relatives and we come from the same Bisa Royal Family but since he became President it has been difficult and almost impossible meeting him even going their incognito or on an appointment,” said Dr. Manda.

“I don’t know what is there in State House, you know when he was here in Rhodes Park, it was easy for me to visit him, I could just go there and knock at the gate and his security guard would just go and inform him that Dr. Manda is here and allow me in but not State House,” said Dr. Manda.

However, Dr. Manda said that the difficult procedures in accessing the President could have been as a result of national duties.

‘Obviously it could be because of many issues that he has to handle as President. National matters take time from him,” said Dr. Manda.

And Dr. Manda has implored Members of Parliament to seriously spearhead development in various parts of the country.

Dr. Manda explained that Zambia would continue to be underdeveloped if the current crop of inept Members of Parliament, remained in office.

He urged MPs to ensure that they lobbied for funds for road rehabilitation and other rural development to ensure  health delivery.

One thought on “Sata difficult to meet-Dr Manda

  1. Point of correction to Dr. Manda. I am a Bisa too who is well versed with the History of the Bisa people. At no time had the Bisa carried such a strange name known as “Sata”.

    Dr. Manda himself and the late Mr. Francis Nkhoma, are both directly linked to the Bisa Chief Kambwili who along with his Ndunas, migrated from Mpika to settle along the east banks of the Luangwa River in an area east of Chief Nsefu, currently being misruled by Chewa Chief Mwanya. We still miss our authentic Bisa Chief called Ba Kumba.

    Dr. Manda is being economical with the facts on the ground. I appreciate his concerns under this ruthless regime. One has to sound diplomatic to offset reprisals.

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