Bisas reject Bob Luo as Chief Chibesakunda

The Bisa people of Mutambe area in Northern Province have challenged President Michael Sata to explain why he has imposed Mr Bob Bwembya Luo on the people as Chief Chibesakunda.

Mr Sylvester Kapeso Kapuma, the recognized Chief Chibesakunda said in Lusaka yesterday that it was not fair for the President to  impose Mr Luo as  Chief Chibesakunda without understanding the genesis of the problem.

And the traditional leader said it was not fair that the Head of State has continued to ill-treat Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people. Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation Mr Kapuma advised the Head of State not to disown tradition for the sake of pleasing his friends. He said it was time that the Head of State understand that both the Chitimukulu and the Chibesakunda thrones hailed from the matrilineal side and that he should heed advice from the BashiLubemba.

Chief Chibesakunda who was in the company of three representatives of the Mutambe Royal Establishment Peter Mwila, Cassius Chibesakunda and Clapperson Mubanga revealed that 56 headmen had petitioned President Sata over the appointment of Luo as Chief Chibesakunda.

Mr Mupuma said several letters were written to President Sata questioning the appointment of Mr Luo but no response had come through.

But when contacted State House spokesperson George Chellah said he has never received any letter from Mr Mupuma regarding Bwembya Luo. The 56 headmen have since written an open petition to President Michael Sata rejecting MrLuo. Meanwhile Clapperson Mubanga said that Mr Luo was not wanted in the chiefdom and warned that he should never set foot in the area.

“Luo is an imposter and the people are suffering because of him. We don’t want to see him in our area because he stays in Lusaka. The issues to do with the Chitimukulu are affecting all of us and the President must understand that these traditions should not be broken because they have been there since time immemorial,” he said.

The stated in the letter that Mr Luo was not a member of the Chibesakunda family tree and was not born from the bana mfumu (Queen mother) and that he did not go through the succession process which was conducted by the royal establishment electoral college.

They said also that the Bisa chiefs who were members of the Bisa Supreme Council the custodians of Bisa   succession customs had rejected Luo as chief Chibesakunda because he did not qualify.

They added that the previous petition to Presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda administrations revoked Mr.  Luo’s recognition as Chief Chibesakunda using statutory instrument No 99 of 19th November 2010. They wondered why the PF administration reinstated Mr  Luo as Chief Chibesakunda through statutory instrument No122 of 11 November 2011 and that they deserved to know the reasons behind the revocation of SI 99. The petition has been consented by 56 headmen and copied to His Royal Highness Senior Chief Kopa, His Grace the Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphor Mpundu, the Law Association Zambia, the Anti-Corruption Commission and the First republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

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  1. The Sata administration is merely reconstituting a recipe for anarchy in Northern Province. Muching Province has been created to appease the Luo Family. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe must, in agony, be turning in his grave. God Hear Our Prayers.

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