Generals deny receiving K1 Billion

Two commanders accused of pocketing K500 million each yesterday denied ever receiving the money.

Former Zambia Army Commander, Wisdom Lopa said the black bag he received from former Zambia Airforce-ZAF- Commander Andrew Sakala, which allegedly contained the money had nothing but sexual boosters and two bottles of wine.

This is contrary to the earlier submission by Lieutenant General Sakala that he had given K500 million to two of his colleagues. And major General Anthony Yeta who is former Zambia Nation Service also testified that he only received three bottles of wine.

Lieutenant General Lopa made the revelations in his submission in the on-going case in which the three ex defence chiefs are charged with theft of 1.5 million Kwacha.

General Lopa who caused laughter in court testified that his colleague, Lieutenant General Sakala, had delivered a bag of sexual boosters from the defense attaché in Tanzania which he described as a custom among the trio.

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